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Affordably-priced web design packages

Select a package that best suits your needs and we’ll be in touch with you real soon. From there, we’ll discuss creative expectations, timelines and your aspirations for your new website.

No Frills

  • Key Features
  • Initial Consultation
  • Up to 5 mobile-responsive pages
  • WordPress CMS
  • Cross-browser Compatibility
  • Basic Website Functions
  • Content Uploading
  • CMS Operation Manual


  • Everything in No Frills, plus
  • Project Kickoff Virtual Meeting
  • User Flow & Information Architecture Planning
  • Content Structure Planning
  • 5 Additional Mobile-responsive Pages
  • Domain, Web Hosting & Email Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Royalty-free Stock Photos


For businesses looking for deep customization and a guided consultative approach to their unique needs.
  • Everything in Standard, plus
  • Network & Infrastructure Consultancy
  • Unlimited Mobile-responsive Pages
  • Complex Animations
  • Custom Website Functions
  • Marketing Features
  • Website Maintenance
  • Guided Virtual CMS Training

Compare web design packages to find the perfect fit

No FrillsStandardEnterprise
Consultancy & Planning
Initial Consultation
Project Kickoff Virtual Meeting
User Flow & Information Architecture Planning
Content Structure Planning
Network & Infrastructure Consultancy
Frontend Design
Mobile-responsive DesignUp to 5 pages, max 12 sectionsUp to 10 pages, max 12 sectionsFor custom no. of pages
Customized Favicon
Cross-browser Compatibility
AnimationsSimple animationsSimple animationsCustom, complex animations
Design RevisionsUp to 2 rounds of revisionsUp to 4 rounds of revisionsUp to 8 rounds of revisions
Website Features & Functions
WordPress Content Management System
Search Function
Blogging Function
Social Sharing for Blog Articles
Google Map Embed Function
Animated Home Page Banner
Custom Functions
Infrastructure & Security
Domain (1 year) & Set Up
Web Hosting (1 year) & Set Up
Email Hosting (1 year) & Set UpMax 5 email addressesCustom no. of email addresses
SSL Certificate
Content Delivery Network
DDOS Protection
Enhanced WordPress Security
Installation of Website (Deployment)
Marketing Features
Google Analytics Installation
Google Search Console Installation
Search Engine Submission (One-time)
PageSpeed Optimization
Enquiry Tracking, Storage & Export
Content Upload
Royalty-free Stock Photos (Creative Direction & Purchase)Up To 25Custom
Premium Page Builder License (1 year)
Website Maintenance (1 year)
Website Backups (1 year)
Content Management System TrainingCMS Operation ManualCMS Operation ManualCMS Operation Manual with Guided Virtual Training
Logo DesignUSD 650 for 3 logo concepts, inclusive of source file
Static Image Banner DesignUSD 150 per banner design
Animated Banner DesignUSD 275 per banner design


You’ll receive an email from us that includes two URLs. The first is for you to book a virtual teleconference with one of our consultants, and the second is for you to fill in a short form so we have a better idea of your project requirements.

Our consultant will then be able to advise on which package best suits your needs, or if you’d need something custom.

We accept payment via local bank transfer. You only need to make payment once we confirm the scope of work you require and send you an invoice. Payment can be made in USD or SGD.
A mobile-responsive web page displays content and media seamlessly across all types of screen sizes. It optimises the viewing experience of your audience, giving them a great experience no matter how or which device they’re using to consume your site’s content.
This largely depends on the website’s objective and the nature of your business. Generally, SMEs may require lesser pages while larger enterprises would require more.

A favicon is the small icon you see when you have a website’s tab open. It is a branding component for your site and it helps visitors find your website easily when they have several opened tabs on their browser.

Because of their small size, favicons function best when you use a part of your company’s logo, an image or a few text characters.

As its name suggests, cross-browser compatibility refers to the ability of a website to be accessed across numerous web browsers i.e. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. Websites that are compatible across various browsers look and function optimally in various web environments.

It’s important for websites to be compatible across various browsers as people have different preferences when choosing how they would like to surf the web. A website that’s optimised for various browsers decreases a site’s bounce rate and gives more visitors access to your content.
We choose WordPress as its feature-rich and multi-faceted Content Management System allows for easy site customisation, enabling Web Crayons to build sites for small to large businesses speedily.

The WordPress CMS is fully-optimised for on-page SEO, mobile-friendly and suitable for e-commerce sites. Worldwide, it is the most-used content management system and WordPress is constantly improving its features and implementing automatic security updates from time to time.

A page builder is a plugin or theme component used for building websites fast, as it does not require any prior coding knowledge. It structures web pages with little effort and WordPress page builders utilize these components to create responsive web page layouts.

A domain name is the address or URL of your website. If your website is a home on the Internet, your domain e.g. webcrayons.com.sg is what people type in their browser’s URL bar to find your site.

Web hosting is where all your website files are, i.e. where they live. To illustrate, the domain name is like a home’s address and web hosting is the actual home. Domain names and web hosting are totally separate services, and your website will need both to go live!

Email hosting services allow you to store, send, and receive emails on a server. Unlike complimentary email service providers (think Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) you can establish a professional email address with your site’s domain name, for e.g. [email protected]

Email hosting allows for better brand identity and improves email security. Secure email encryption, offered by email service providers, ensures all data communicated via emails stay secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorised parties.

Secure Sockets Layer (or SSL) is a security technology which allows encrypted (private) communication between a web browser and web server. It’s a “digital certificate” installed that serves to validate the identity of a website and encrypt the data that’s being transmitted.

SSL is necessary as it minimises sensitive information leaks and provides a secure browsing experience. As it offers a secure way to access content, SSL is also important for SEO as it’s one of the factors in Google’s search ranking algorithm.

A CDN is a geographically-distributed group of servers which provide swift delivery of Internet content. It also prevents service interruptions, reduces bandwidth costs and increases content availability.

Businesses use this to efficiently serve international clients who’re visiting a website from different parts of the world as it prevents slow load times. CDN seamlessly transfers assets securely for loading Internet content and a majority of web traffic is served through CDN, including sites such as Facebook and Netflix.
We handle the operation of the CMS (Content Management System) as per our client’s request. These requests may include text (copy) changes, image updates, site banner edits and so forth. Clients can either provide us with their intended copy and images for these changes, or we can help with copywriting and designing for an additional fee.

We also execute Security and Software updates on pre-existing web softwares. These typically involve: WordPress Core updates, plugin updates, performing security scans and removal of malware (if any).
A well-planned user flow and information architecture helps site visitors quickly understand where they are (on your site), and prevents them from being lost when visiting your business. Essentially, we would create a structure for your website while considering how users will interact with your site.

By placing information in proper hierarchies to increase site user-friendliness, we make your website effective and easy to navigate. For this, Web Crayons can either do the planning or you could supply us with the necessary information, e.g. the specific web pages you want and where you want them to link out to the other pages within your website.
Content structure planning is about identifying all the content on each page of your site, and placing them in the correct order of priority. Top priority is given to the content most critical to satisfying your users’ needs and supporting user goals.

Similar to the user flow and information architecture, we can either do the planning for you, or you could supply us with the necessary information, e.g. the content headers or sections within each page, for our team to work with.
Network and infrastructure consulting relates to how we help plan the delivery of your site to your target customers in the most efficient and secure manner.

Your customers may be in several different countries or you may need multiple sites to be set up within the same network, thus needing a sub-domain administrator to assist the main domain manager. Based on your needs, we advise and assist businesses to implement the best practices to ensure seamless website performance for the browsing pleasure of your end-users.

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